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Finding flourishing in faith, life, and creativity

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Hey, I’m Zach. I’m a writer + digital creator who helps people find flourishing in faith, life, and creativity. Welcome to my Internet home base where you’ll find my writing, web design services, and online courses — and some inspiration, too.

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 The Story

A Tale of Two Callings

What if the thing you thought your whole life was about — the thing you thought you were always meant to do, inexorably and ineffably called to do — actually wasn’t?

Or, perhaps it was, but only for a time. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, in light of the larger journey, it was really just a way to get you to another way — a different calling, the thing you are really meant to do, now.

For a long time, the thing I thought I was meant to do was “the ministry,” and I moved my whole life in that one direction. Until the pitfalls and disasters of that direction made it very clear that my once-passionate sense of calling to ministry was no longer working — that it was, in fact, dead.

Now, a new calling is evolving for me, and it’s all about writing and creating in a way that brings greater flourishing into people’s lives. That starts with my own life, but it includes yours, too: I want to help you find flourishing in faith, life, and creativity.

So, welcome! This is where I’m living out this new calling, and I’m so stoked that you’re here. Over the last ten years, I’ve written books and articles for all kinds of publications, but if you want to read my best writing each week, check out my newsletter, The Letter Z:

And be sure to check out my blog as well, where I’m writing weekly about faith, life, and creativity. After ten years of blogging I’m making a fresh start of it in honor of this new calling, so the archive isn’t super big just yet. But you’ll get to watch it grow!

Here are a few posts to start with:

Last but certainly not least, I have worked for nearly a decade in the content marketing field, helping people and businesses create and manage an effective online presence. Now, I’m offering you my skills and experience in this area, so your story and message can flourish.

So, check out my website design and content/coaching services for writers, creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. If you need a new or refreshed website home for your work, or if you need coaching so you can carry your message to more people, I’d love to collaborate with you.

And, coming soon and very soon: I’ll be bringing the bulk of my experience in the writing and content marketing worlds to brand new online courses that help you find flourishing in your own creative life. Watch this space for more in the very near future!

Thanks again for hanging out here — and reach out anytime for any reason whatsoever:

❅ Bonus: Please enjoy this gif of me getting hit in the face with a snowball! ❅