When Writing is All We Got

Like most creators, I'm prone to self-doubt and to saying no for other people rather than committing fully to my creative work. I have a tendency to hold back or self-sabotage rather than lean in and embrace the vulnerability that comes with that. You too?

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The Letter Z #29: Find Your Peace

For the last four years I and my little family have been on a journey of sorts, one that began with the end of our church plant. It's been a wilderness sojourn in the truest sense, and just when you thought the intensity couldn't dial up any higher, well, it did - to 11.

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The LettersZach HoagFaith

I’m standing in a dimly candle-lit room full of strangers, staring at the faces of long dead-saints, and hearing the chants of a priest I can barely understand. No, this isn’t some nightmare of mine, this is my first Vespers service at an Orthodox church.

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The BlogNathan SmithFaith
On "Lanes"

I've written on the Internet in one form or another for at least 10 years. But when I first started writing/blogging with intention (sometime in 2012), a curious thing began to happen. I quickly gained a reputation, and with it, a kind of label.

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