The Letter Z #28: What a Week

This week has left me frankly pretty tapped out, tired from both regular life stuff and the big cultural stuff happening on a grand scale. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. But I have a parting thought to share after this first week in the sordid Trump regime. Don't worry, I'll keep it nice and short!

The thought is this: I want the next season of my life to be marked by yes's and no's. (See Matt. 5:37.)

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Building off the "no middle ground" idea I shared last week, living a life of yes's and no's means letting go of the fear that keeps us trapped in maybe's. You know what I mean? Because it's fear that leads us to shy away from taking a deep gut-check and then giving the honest answer or making the honest decision. It's fear that makes us answer too quickly out of uncertainty. It's fear that makes us take on too much, or be kinda non-committal, or try to meet everyone's expectations or demands. It's fear that keeps us from trusting that we really are enough, and we really can do whatever it is we're called to do.

And it's fear that makes us hem and haw and hedge and always explain ourselves and our feelings and our inclinations. But they don't need an explanation! We are free to give that honest answer and make that deeply-knowing decision. We can just say yes. Or no.

The inability to really find our yes or no also has a larger application for our lives as Christians and as the church, especially in this country at this time. "How long will you halt between two opinions?" the prophet asked. "A double minded person is unstable in all their ways," James reminded.

What the world needs now more than ever is a church that can give a clear yes or no to the issues that matter most. 

Like yes to the welcoming of refugees.

Or yes to honesty and humility.

Or no to xenophobia and misogyny.

And no to environmental destruction.

There is no more room for the fear that keeps us halting between two opinions and demonstrating a double mind. The world needs more from us in these times. I mean, it has been quite a week, right?

So for our own sake and the world's, let's go forward as a people of clear yes's and no's. [/et_bloom_locked]

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