The Letter Z #29: Find Your Peace

I've been a tad under the weather lately ('tis the season), and for some reason that's triggered a fit of personal reflection. Like, more than usual (which is honestly always kind of a lot). For the last four years I and my little family have been on a journey of sorts, one that began with the end of our church plant. It's been a wilderness sojourn in the truest sense, and just when you thought the intensity couldn't dial up any higher, well, it did - to 11.

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Last year was the most intense of all, but it got us to where we were going - in an unexpected, full circle kind of way. I'll tell that story in more detail some other time (maybe in my next book!), but suffice it to say, there has been a growing sense of calm these last few months in my personal life, even as the world around us has been raging in the throes of transition and change.

But calm can be deceiving. Because the calm has sparked a different, deeper kind of process, one where the wilderness wandering has given way to contemplative searching.

What now? What next? Now that the wandering is over, what does it look like to truly live again?

We haven't discerned all the answers to those questions yet as a family, but one thing that occurred to me during this feeling-sick-so-might-as-well-reflect time is that there's one thing we've got to pursue at all costs.

We've got to find our peace.

And honestly, so do you. So do all of us.

Find your peace, and don't let anything - or anyone - stand in your way.

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The fact is, if we pursue our peace, we're going to find our way to the place of flourishing, to the place of belonging, to the place of purpose and hope.

We're going to find our way out of this wilderness, and finally find our way home so that we can truly start living again.

I and my little family are getting closer, and we won't stop until we find it. Even as the world rages all around us, we are going after that peace with everything we've got. And I pray you will to.



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