The Letter Z #8: When God Loves You Again

I'll try to keep this one short, but today I realized God loves me again.

Did God stop loving me at some point? Probably not, and I of course know at some cerebral level that God does, as a matter of fact, love me. But sometimes, as far as experience is concerned, it seems like he may not.

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Know what I mean?

It's not the absence of God's love so much as the absence of the experience of God's love, but really, that difference matters little when all of the rubber is meeting all of the road. Speaking of the road, in the car on the way to Target today my wife had tears in her eyes as she told me that she is feeling the love of God again, and it's been missing for a while, somehow, somewhere beneath the cerebral level of things. It's back, and she experiences it, she feels it, and it is so good to feel that experience, to experience that feeling.

A half hour before she told me that, I was at our annual Church Conference where a visiting pastor told a story about his own failure. He said the failure made him wonder if he was good enough - good enough to be a husband, a father, a pastor. He went to a mentor and asked him for help. His mentor put his arms around him, hugged him tightly, and said, "I love you, God loves you, and there is nothing you can do to change that."

At the end of the meeting we gathered in a circle around the Table. Pastor Peg administered the cup, and her words struck me deep: "This is the cup of Christ's blood, given for you, to show you just how much God loves you."

To show me just how much God loves me.

Yes, that's it. God loves me! I felt it, I experienced it. When Kalen confirmed it in the car I realized we seem to be in a season where God's love is closer, more tangible. It's a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. It doesn't mean his love isn't there in other times, but man it's much more real when you can feel it.

So, consider this story a prayer of sorts. A prayer that you too, no matter what kind of season you may find yourself in, may begin to feel, to experience, the relentlessly unconditional love of God in Christ.

And, if you can't quite feel it now, please at least know that his love is always there. And remain open to the possibility that times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord might soon visit your life too.[/et_bloom_locked]

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