Discerning Dreams and Duds

"Follow your dreams," they say. "It's never too late!" they exclaim.

"While you're working your day job, start building your dream job," they advise.

But what if your dream is a dud? 

What if what you think you really want to do, what you think you're called to do, is actually not what you're going to do?

And what if what you are going to do is actually better than the dream you thought you had?

The fact is that some dreams are duds. And it takes time and experience, trial and error, growth and maturity to figure that out.

More importantly, it takes humility to let go of the dreams that need to die to make room for the calling you've actually been given. 

So don't be discouraged if your dream turns out to be a dud.

The better calling is waiting for you if you are willing to let go and look up.

Zach Hoag