Don't Wait Until You're Bulletproof

The power in believing that NOW is the time.

I heard this quote from Brene Brown a few days ago: "Don't wait until you're bulletproof." Part of moving out of the wilderness and into a new season of life is refusing to wait until you are somehow immune to the negative messages that might come your way. There will always be both internal and external voices trying to stop you in your tracks with shame. There will always be critics whose passion is to cut you off at the knees, and they will get their licks in one way or the other - count on it.

But the key is to remain vulnerable and brave in the midst of those negative messages - and to become more resilient in the process.

I've realized recently how much these messages - both internal and external - have held me back from pursuing and realizing goals and dreams that God has given me. 

And I'm committing, beginning in the month of June, to stop waiting.

Because I'm never going to be bulletproof.

But if I become vulnerable anyway and take that risk, believing that NOW really is the time, I will only get stronger and, more importantly, confident, happy, and fulfilled.

So, let's go.