Thoughts on a Book Trailer and the Big Launch

My book trailer just released...and launch day approacheth.


I'm not sure if you saw this, but the trailer for my new book, The Light is Winning, just released! It focuses in on the idea that "Religion is the culprit - or is it?" and I'm so, so excited about it. Take a gander:


Also, today is June 1st, which means we are officially in Launch Month! Next Tuesday, June 6th, is the Big Day, and I just can't wait for this book to finally be OUT THERE and doing its thing in the world. Most of all, I can't wait for you to read it! 

Here's a description:

If anyone had good reason to join the league of the “Nones,” the “Dones,” and the deconstructionists, it would be Zach Hoag. After growing up and out of the compound walls of a Texas cult, and becoming a failed church planter in one of the most post-Christian cities in America, Zach was faced with both a crisis and a choice. He loved Jesus, yet questioned: If the church is such a broken system, is it really worth belonging to anymore?
The viral upswing of the “spiritual but not religious” trend has cast religion as going rapidly out of style. Yet even in his own desert of deconstruction, Zach couldn’t shake his desire for a spiritual home. His search ultimately led him to look behind the statistics, where Zach found an astonishing undercurrent subversively at work.
The truth, as Zach discovered, is that we are in a cultural moment of apocalypse. Not an end-of-the-world apocalypse, but in the very literal sense of the word which translates simply, “a revealing.” Perhaps the downtrend of Christian faith in America is just the kind of Great Revealing we need to show us who we really are as American Christians, who Jesus really is in our midst, and how we can step into the flourishing faith he has always intended for us.
For anyone who is anxious about the future of the church and their place in it, The Light Is Winning rallies to an unexpected, unshakeable hope: Could it be that we’ve made religion out to be the culprit when in fact, religion is just what we need to revive us? Could it be that our struggle for relevance must come to a necessary end, so that we can get to the real? After all, isn’t this the essence of the story of God: death paves the way for a resurrected, deeply rooted, flourishing faith. Such faith can be yours. The Light Is Winning will show you how.

(FYI: the paperback price on Amazon is still super low, so preorder it nowish!)

Honestly, launching this thing is also a bit nerve-wracking, because so far it's only been me, my wife, my editor, and some amazing endorsers who have read this thing. And guys, it's the most vulnerable thing I've ever written. There's so much here that goes so deep into my story and experience, much of which I've never told anyone except my closest people until now. Which feels a bit like offering up your latest round of therapy to be analyzed by the masses. 

But then I realize: this book is for you. It's for my readers, for my community, for the people who have rallied around my story and my perspective because it has resonated with something deep within them. And while there may be other folks who get a hold of this thing and hate it, or dismiss it, or whatever, I know that this community, my people, will only grow with the release of The Light is Winning.

That's the point, anyway: to shine more light. And I know that's exactly what this book will do.

At any rate, if any of you want to review the book for your blog or publication, email Robin Barnett at Zondervan to request a review copy! And if you're interested in having me interview, guest post, or send you an excerpt of the post for your blog, hit me up.

Getting so close!!