3 Quick Things About Writing a Book

It’s not free therapy — it’s costly.


I recently wrote, and published, a book. And since, you know, I did that, here are three quick things about writing a book:

1. Writing a book is all-consuming.

To go down the road of writing a book is to go all the way down that road. Going halfway is a surefire way to failure; because it's a total kind of proposition. If this is what you want to do, if this is what you're going to do, then you better be prepared to do it to death.

2. Writing a book isn't "free therapy."

In fact, it's the most costly therapy you'll ever undertake. I'm not saying it's not therapeutic - it is - but it isn't therapeutic in some pollyanna, idyllic kind of way. It's therapeutic in the depths of self-doubt and despair until your brain nearly explodes and your heart as well kind of way. Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but it probably isn't. This book-writing brand of therapy is as brutal as it is beautiful. Which is to say it's costly. 

3. Writing a book is transformative.

You write, hoping your writing will change someone's life for the better, or at least help them arrive at some kind of enlightenment or awakening. But what you don't realize is that writing a book is going to do that first - to you. Writing The Light is Winning took me through changes I didn't even know I needed and woke me up to realities I didn't know existed. It brought me forward, and brought me through. And that makes me so insanely grateful that I got to participate in this all-consuming, brutally therapeutic, utterly transformative process.